How To Prepare


Preparation is a valuable part of the journey!

If you are registered, you can dive into preparing right away. An Ancient Paths Study Tour has been described as drinking from a firehose of information and experience. Previous participants have expressed that you get as much out of your study tour as you put into it. Here are some suggestions for preparing:

  • Read your orientation letter carefully

  • Begin a workout regime that includes stair training and hiking

  • Train by wearing your shoes, clothing and backpack designated for the trip so you can begin to break everything in and get used to the extra weight

  • Keep in mind that the more you build up your stamina, break in your shoes, and test your limits, the more confident and prepared you'll be to tackle each day

  • Start studying from the mandatory reading list
  • Check out the packing list so you can purchase and collect the necessary items
  • Memorize the Bible verses assigned to you (these are given well before the tour)
  • If possible, get in touch with other nearby participants and find a time to go for a hike together or just grab coffee
  • Add orientation meetings and team hikes to your calendar so you can prioritize building community
  • Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!