What Is a Study Tour

We have been on several trips to Israel and this trip was by far our most meaningful. The energy of Rod’s applicable teaching was captivating. His in-depth analysis of scripture was wrapped in illuminating historical and cultural insights, and Libby's teaching was a perfect compliment. As an educator and former pastor, I feel that pastors, seminarians, and those who teach the Bible will find the perspectives gained to be imperative in deepening their understanding of the text. Be ready, this is not your average tour to Israel! Walking the land, you will live into the lives of the Patriarchs of the Old Testament and gain a life transforming view of the life and times of Jesus. Highly recommended!
-Dr. Joseph Stowell, President of Cornerstone University, and his wife Martie   


This Ancient Paths Study Tour will not be a typical tour or trip with a few devotionals in a variety of spots. The heart of this biblical study tour is to take an in-depth dive into the Biblical text in its original locations and cultures. We will look at the geography, archeology, history, and cultural settings of the Bible in our study together. As we delve into the text in its geographical locations, we will get to know the setting for His epic plan of salvation and the growth of His bride, the church. As a community, we will dig into the land of our forefathers, explore the ruins of the civilizations that played significant roles and witness firsthand the regions of God's unfolding story. We are convinced that after an Ancient Paths Study Tour, you will never again read the Bible in the same way. The text of the Bible will literally come to life as we follow the ancient paths of our forefathers and learn to walk as Jesus walked. 



As we strive to experience the text, we will not log hours on a tour bus waiting in lines to have momentary tourist sightings. Instead, we will learn with our feet, walking the text in variety of conditions. A typical day will begin early with a breakfast together, leading into a full day of hiking (roughly 6-10 miles), with intensive studying and discussion, and a break for a light lunch. Each day will culminate with a communal meal and time for personal debriefing and reflection. The pace of this experience is intense as we want to make the most of our time together in the land.

Ancient Path’s study tours are designed around a rabbinical approach to walking and studying the text. Each day, you will follow the rabbi without knowing where you will be going or what is around the corner. Our lives today lead us to believe that we have control when in reality none of us knows what tomorrow may hold. This trip is a beautiful opportunity to learn what it means to trust and follow. We encourage you to sit back, enjoy this adventure and experience what it felt like to be a disciple walking in the footsteps of the rabbi.



As we push into the land, the text, the ancient paths, the stories and the characters of the Bible will literally come to life. Although you will receive massive amounts of teaching and information on this study tour, it is our hope that you not only be informed but that as God’s word comes to life, you would be transformed. We are praying that through these study tours, hearts would be awakened in new and powerful ways to see God’s work in our lives, and that His people would be renewed in their call to make disciples, encouraged and strengthened to walk as Jesus walked.